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Friday, May 20, 2005


This blog is essentially null and dead. There are a variety of reasons for it, the biggest being a lack of creative energy to sustain it in any meaningful way. I ran out of stories more or less. I did have one last one to share, actually about the events leading up to the death of the blog and why Laura the Tooth ain't here no more, but upon reflection, the old "let sleeping dogs lie" adage is wise and I've decided to heed it.

Laura has asked that I not link to her site and while I kept a link up for her for a while, there's little need to anymore: her old readership has undoubtedly found her and if you haven't yet, google should do the trick nicely.

I do want to thank the readership of Y/C since spring of 2004 who stuck with the site. Hope you find some better reading elsewhere (perhaps on one of the fine blogs in the blogroll to the right).

Stay dirty, you perverts.